Dark Money, the IRS, and why I don’t follow the news.

http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/apr/21/americas-oligarchy-not-democracy-or-republic-unive/ is all I have to say about this.

Wait – I’m lying. I’m going to write more.

The IRS knows it. They also know a large part of that corrupt money eventually ends up in the hands of taxpayers SOMEWHERE, [trickle-down economics seems like bullshit yet, under an oligarchy? That’s all we got, isn’t it? No choice BUT trickle-down] which will end up keeping their books… and the IRS can keep employing lots of people that can go after the far larger volume (in number of people, NOT number of $’s], which keeps their budget nice and hefty quarter after quarter after quarter after quarter.

[ie there’s a much smaller amount of people who are uber-rich, and a larger number of people who are small /medium/large business owners, plus regular people with jobs, etc to go after. The amount of support people required to handle the massive VOLUME of everyday tax fraud keeps the IRS’ budget full and happy ’cause all those fraud-chasing people have to get paid, and they’re geographically spread across the USA.

The whole Non-Profit system is widely abused yet should they start going after Dark Money in a big way, they’ll ALSO have to go after the wasteful Non-Profits who are quietly stuffing their own pockets and YET – are *also* doing _some_ social good.

If they go after Dark Money, then they’ll have to increase efforts with all non-profit organizations. I have a database I downloaded from the IRS last year with all the Non-Profits for a project I was doing. there’s SO MUCH obvious fraud within it, it’s laughable. The number of Freemason and Mormon and Libertarian fake non-profits are hysterically funny. Oh, Gypsies too. It’s right there in the database. They know the system.

If I cared, I could write a book about it, or an Editorial for the New York Times, but let ‘em do what they do. Good for them. I pay my taxes ’cause I’m a Boy Scout but they want to find a way around it? Sure, go for it. I won’t cry if they get caught either, but it’s their game, not mine.

So what’s the benefit of fixing Non-Profit system as an “IRS Cause”? Not much. Some extra revenue? The people with the deep pockets who funnel their political campaigns through fake social welfare programs will find others ways; this is just the loophole you can drive a car through. IRS won’t get stuff from them.

The real non-profits who are abusive? Not much money there, and they actually *do* social welfare. Eliminate them and you might as well declare “every man for himself!” ’cause nobody would help nobody.

If you have a problem with someone abusing the Non-Profit system, whether it’s a particular politician, or something else, http://www.irs.gov/Charities-&-Non-Profits/Charitable-Organizations/Revocations-of-501%28c%29%283%29-Determinations
is the place to go.

Still, it was interesting listening to this guy’s commentary about another guy’s commentary. I get a kick out of the “CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS?” talking heads. Very entertaining ppl smile emoticon


ps – The President can only change the commissioner. That’s it.
http://takingnote.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/05/14/is-the-i-r-s-an-independent-agency/?_r=0  and tbh having a deputy commissioner in charge is probably politically safer for all ‘parties’ involved, at the cost of fixing stuff. For THAT, I believe Obama could do better but… there’s no benefit for that action except to quiet down talking heads above and editorials in the NYT and grumbling on FB. Somehow, I don’t think any of ‘em in the white-buildings care much about that, especially considering it’ll be someone else’s problem shortly.


[and this is why I don’t follow the news. Never heard about this issue until just now and for every outrage, I always end up playing the role of Defense Attorney. It’s amazing I have any friends at all]

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