^*Dare you*
Ask yourself, "What am I^

^*Dare you*
Ask yourself, "What am I avoiding doing RIGHT NOW?"

Expect 3-4 BIG THINGS to pop in your mind at the same time.

Do a brain dump. Write them down. The more you want to push it away, the more important it is.

It's something other people want you to do that you're not doing, and trying not to think about

"What am I avoiding?"

You're done.

To win the bonus Billion Dollars, take each of them, and open a document / get a piece of paper / an index card / journal page and put it on top.

Then write down all of the STEPS you *WOULD* have to take *IF* you were to do that *BIG THING*.

You'll be surprised to learn that you already know ALMOST ALL OF THE STEPS already, but you're missing one or two important thing.

Then guess how long it'll take you to do it.

Then put it away and never think about it again.

You can even tear it up.

Or you can start following the steps.



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