dank mlg smoke weed every day – sociocultural analysis short form.

lol yeah – I thought about it – how cool became dank, “relax” becomes smoke weed every day and stuff…  and that most of the ppl who talk like that don’t smoke weed… but then I thought, wait, who does?  Ahh – their parents/aunts/uncles/teachers/etc.

So it’s a weird cross of respect and extreme sarcasm.  I understand MLG but I try not to write it ’cause I have my own writing style and was never much for speaking in pig latin or other coded language.  I just like understanding stuff.

It’s full of misdirection, which made it a fun language to study.   [well not study, just “notice”, ever since Halo days].  I also don’t normally translate into standard English because ‘staying underground’ – having ‘ownership’ of the language is important to those who speak it, and I respect that.

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