dangers of power – not inherently bad but dont forget its humans youre dealing with

I don’t have a problem with mention of religion; I’m neither atheist nor religious; maddening to some who feel I must “choose” something or another.  I am a fan of the experiential spiritual side that’s embedded within the major religions; the power it can give people to get in touch with an inner-self that’s hard to reach.  A candy coating of mythology makes it more fun to digest.

But when it’s abusive, that’s a no-no in my book.  I’m not anti-institutional (I was once but I know they can serve a practical purpose) – but I am anti-abuse.. and there’s great temptation when someone is placed in a position of power over others even moreso than in more “flat” social situations (which aren’t really flat either but at least the power isn’t sanctioned, stamped and authorized).

The moment someone in power forgets it’s people and starts thinking of numbers, statistics, trends… it has the potential to lead to abuse.  When someone feels their role of authority gives them the right to express their inner-sociopath…  that’s abusive.

Well, I could rant on and on about the subject.  I don’t expect the world to always be nice to each other, or even be fair… but at least be human.

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