Dancing with billboards – stories from Naples, FL (no I haven’t done it)

Congrats! They’re a big thing here in Naples FL, since they banned static billboards years ago. But.. they said nothing about _moving billboards_ (signs on trucks.. and.. someone cleverly figured, “hey, people DANCING with a sign is like a sign on a truck!” and it became “A Thing”.

Some of the ppl here have fun with it and dress up like superheros. One guy makes an awesome Batman. We also have an Abe Lincoln and a Superman. Oh, and a Betty Boop. Most don’t dress up.

One guy was a midget – a REALLY short guy. Always in front of a mattress store. He was there for years. One day, he died. Had hundreds of people at his funeral. He had *no idea* just how many people noticed him and cared about him, even though all they ever saw was a short guy shaking a billboard around. It was cool. I mean, not cool for him. He was dead. But for everybody else.

Anyway, congrats. It’s nearly impossible to make money when you’re under 18 ’cause the laws are stupid and the adult world is greedy and wants to keep all the money, so that the fact that you got a job, is pretty awesome to me.

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