^Damn back: everything was feeling better,^

^Damn back: everything was feeling better, so I did a lot of exercise yesterday. This morning, sciatica (shooting pains from lower back, across butt and down the leg) on the RIGHT leg – never had it down the right leg before. It took me almost an HOUR to get out of bed (good thing I have my phone with me but I wasn't ready to ask for help) – no position was without pain except laying down. couldn't even SIT UP. Couldn't get pants on (really embarassing!). Finally got the courage up – "I'm GOING to find a pain free way to put pressure on my right foot so I can walk" – and it was an odd one – tippy-toes worked. Had to put my pants on BOTH LEGS AT A TIME (really AWKWARD) just to face the WORLD. Took pain pill, have heating pad. Now I can sit. Ugh. But it's over-come-able. Drinking my morning coffee finally and it's wonderful.^

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