Daily thought: Shame expresses itself in

^Daily thought: Shame expresses itself in two ways: embarassment and/or anger/retaliation. In both cases, the source of shame is usually imaginary – "so and so shouldn't find out" when so and so doesn't care — or its shame based on something you were told when you were young (often by people who aren't even in your life anymore, like old classmate taunting) — a very common one is people hiding their teeth when they smile because they were told they had funny teeth as a kid. (I was one of those until I realized how silly it was) Shame appearing as anger/retaliation is a more interesting response: feeling defensive therefore going on the offensive. It's interesting because that's when people say/do the strangest things, or they're on high-sarcasm mode. Answer? Acknolwedge your embarassment or anger/retaliation as based on shame. Identify the source of the shame. Come to terms with it, accept your flaws as gems instead, realize most people don't care about your "shames" as you think (and simply feel pity for those that do oddly want you to be ashamed) and carry on without shame (embarassment or anger/retaliation, however it shows itself). Kenny's dime-store thunk of the day. Hope it helps somebody out there get over something they'd like to get over.^

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