Dads or Moms who sleep around with the neighbors aren’t watching the kids.

Why is prostitution not legal in many societies? I’ll give a possible answer: Wrecks consistency and predictability in a social structure. Makes things complicated. Pregnancies and then children that have no one to take care of them properly, financially and what not.
Dads or Moms who sleep around with the neighbors aren’t watching the kids.
Orphanages are a possibility I suppose.
Do I REALLY care of it’s legal though? Doesn’t matter to me either way.
A society with legal prostitution would need it to be a regulated industry. Various certifications like that would be required I should think.Might result in dwindling of a nation’s population which could extinct a smaller country although perhaps not a larger country but that’s just theoretical. Historically, most nations prefer population growth rather than population reduction, although we’ve been in an “Let’s encourage less population” kick for 40 years now or so. Kinda trendy.
 Actually wait: it’s not theoretical.
The equivalent to enforced sterilization is religious communities that are strictly non-procreational.
The Shakers. Made marvelous furniture. Great philosophy. Very modern sounding. Died out.

 One of the dangers of legalized prostitution is the illegal industries that crop up around it, serving the clientele that are not legal.

Child prostitution is an income source in countries that have poor policing of prostitution. They’re sent out by the families so that the families can eat.

Who they choose to send out? The prettiest? The unwanted ones? I don’t know. But legalized prostitution does run a risk that crackdowns on illegal prostitution will not get as much focus and care as there are always gray areas that businesses can create through paperwork manuveuring, allowing for human rights violations to take place.

A person who is in a power position in a society can choose what to do with their body.

A person who is not in a power position in a society just has to do what they must.

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