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Hey Amy :-) Alas, the Ministry list ran from 1995-1998 – no longer around (and I doubt there are any archives anywhere – this is VERY pre-Google – hard to believe). The yellow pages — well, yes, I did find god in the yellow pages for a couple of years. i called the one group I never checked out — i was working at a Catholic college as a data entry clerk (Seton Hall) and on my lunch break, I l…ooked in the yellow pages and found something called “Russian Orthodox”. I called up. A woman answered – the priest’s wife (10 points) – who said that Father (10 points – i like when religious leaders are called Father or Mother) was out doing House Blessings (100 points – house blessings was a new concept to me and I was intrigued). Changed over to it, almost became a Monk, started learning Russian, ended up moving to Florida instead. But it was a h… “

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