d, wouldn’t it be cool if…?”

Here’s what I do: I imagine many of the Bible stories as a SciFi movie, substituting the old-fashioned images painted for 1000+ years with some newer ones. If God is a higher-dimensional being, who lives in a higher dimension of Time where all time is equally accessible, whether our past, present or future – rather like looking down at a labyrinth you can see the whole maze at once — then how ca…n god enter our Timestream, to LIVE the experience? He has to enter the maze by getting down from the higher dimension (top of the hill) town to the lower dimension (standing at the mouth of the cave). He has to enter the timestream by going through the whole process of womb, birth, life, death. Do I believe this? Hard to say – I use it as a mental puzzle and for my own amusement – “if there was a god, wouldn’t it be cool if…?”

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