d, ‘What’s this test for? …”

hahahahahaha perfect! I only found out, when I took a few Special Ed and Elementary Education classes in college (never did finish but they did teach me a lot) – that teacher’s teach to the middle of the Bell Curve – and THAT’S why it all made sense, and why all of my friends were either, the nerds/geeks like me or the kids who had learning troubles: We were equally misfits for whom the system wa…s not intended to handle. I had a chance to take “talented and gifted” stuff. In 5th grade, I walked over to the BIG middle school and entered this room ALL BY MYSELF to take this test. A teacher would pop in and out but I was by myself most of the time. After 45 minutes of this boring test that I didn’t know why I was taking it – I went to the door and called out for the teacher. He came back in – Mr. Spirito – and I asked, ‘What’s this test for? … “

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