Cultural Studies it allows one to validate a perspective. I’ll give an example.

I like cultural studies.
Of course, there’s a lot of BS in it and it’s the epitome of post-modern feminist critique (not necessarily conflict-studies) style academia. But it’s fascinating stuff and has a flair to it that you won’t likely find in anthropology, sociology, ethnography, media studies, marketing, etc and you can learn a lot from it, mostly about ourselves and about the authors sometimes as well.

The thing that’s marvelous is that it allows one to validate a perspective, drawing upon a multidisciplinary, cross-cultural exploration of the various intersecting paradigms which an individual, lost amidst the wide array of conflicting imageries presented to us by an increasingly fragmented yet apparently unified barrage of sensory input into our emotionally constructed deviant selves, and providing a clarity unseen before in the history of humanity as we strive to reach the pinnacle of human evolutionary progress into the very singularity itself within which a Cambrian explosion of new artificial intelligence will emerge upon the planet which has been wearied by the oppressive regimes of religious dogma since time immemorial, releasing us from the very shackles of ourselves.

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