“Cry ablelist”? – you lost credibility. Ableist works fine. Brain is part of the body.

“Cry ablelist”? – you lost credibility.
Ableist works fine. Brain is part of the body.

Why distinct word? Does its use in mental health take away from its use in lost limbs and such?

It comes off as a center -> right troll post tbh.

You’re right of left though. Maybe you stop at center. But it’s right of left.


It reads of separate-and-destroy to me.


Of course. Make a placeholder word and do what you talk about. If you’re just gathering like-mindeds it’s not going anywhere.



You said what you *want to do* without doing it. Make a list describing your new word. It’s an interesting concept but you’re not taking it anywhere yet. Bring us on a journey.


It’s a bad hill so far. No evidence that it would be useful in a positive way yet but it could easily be used in a bad way. Bad hill so far.


Long ago I studied adolescent treatment centers and “boot camps” and it remains an on and off again interest.

Misunderstanding of mental illness by supposed professionals is often criminal in nature but as the kids are moved to an almost invisible class in society, … well, I could write pages of rant on this.


It’s a type of ableism but not parallel to it as it’s still ableism.


Thank you. I hope you can understand why I responded as I did : It’s years of watching people get shouted down and gaslighted for their mental illness. It’s become commonplace : part of a segment of internet culture that’s toxic. So, cry ableist read as a dogwhistle rather than a call for discussion about distinct issues faced by the mentally ill.



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