cruelty, mitigated slightly.

I play Minecraft with my 9 yr old ne and he’s a mostly gentle soul with a really wicked cruel streak I try to point out to him.

One day, we had some NPCs – they had names on their heads and their professions. Not feeling in a peaceful mood, he rounded them up to drop them in lava via a trap door in a cage.

So I walked around the cage and said, “Chris the Baker, you must pay for your crimes….” and the like.

In the chat, ne writes, “Oh, they didn’t do anything wrong.”

All I had to type back is: “Oh. “

Well, within a few minutes, he had modified the roleplay so that he was the evil Wizard and I was to break them out when he had his back turned.

*Much* better scenerio. I do what I can.

I suspect he’ll always have a slight “revenge” streak in him, but if he’s at least aware of social implications [or just pretends around me], I’m ok with that.

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