Cruel or Kind. You can choose.

All true. I think he’s perfectly taking that stuff into account though – all that you’re saying.

I mean to be humane or inhumane: such notions are not the products of a modern-times humanist movement.

Rather, to be humane or inhumane is a very part of being human. Are you kind or are you cruel? Kindness is a cherished human virtue in all cultures at all times. Perhaps UNIVERSAL kindness is not Universal but at the very least, a mother’s affection for children, or a teacher having a kind heart towards students.

The thing is: it’s an empowering and daunting statement simultaneously: Your upbringing is not an excuse for your life. If you ARE a rational being, you can choose.

And we *are* all rational beings, yes, to differing degrees, but we’re all rational and capable of choice. With that choice comes the responsibility of the choice.

Even *if* all of our choices are somehow mathematically predictable absolutely *in theory*, they’re _not_ mathematically predictable with absolute certainty in REALITY. Certainly not at this present time with our primitive computers as they are today. Upcoming quantum computers have a VERY VERY long way to go.

Families matter yet the moment you’re aware that you have a private mind that others’ can’t read.. somewhere around the age of 7 years old (seems to be Universal), you’re responsible for your choices. Cruel or Kind. You can choose.

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