creativity and flow

“Is this true? Creativity is intuitive, and then critiqued with rationale.”

I link up creativity with what’s now called the “flow state”, which is linked up to intuition or “presentness” – exuding without judgement. Doing, being, an “is” state.

It’s only afterwards that we see it from an objective point of view and critique it in the way other people might critique it.

I think for some people the flow state happens in fits and spurts… some people, fearful of judgement, will critique continually as they go along, going from intuitive to critiquing moment to moment.

For me, for example when I start playing the piano, I start off being critical until my flow state kicks it (takes about 45 minutes of playing), and then all of the sudden, sans interruptions, I just go and go and go and go and go and go and go. Minutes or hours could go by if I’m uninterrupted. It’s an awesome state of being.

A single slammed door or the tiniest criticism (“can you turn it down?”) is enough to entirely kill it.

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