could be a recipe for a body bag.

Could be but remember that between 18-22 is a common age for kids to develop certain mental illnesses (or reveal unseen ones rather)

Mix one angry young man developing a mental disorder + years of first person shooter video games and dreams of dying in a blaze of glory + hit list of his political enemies corrupting the youth of America. could be a recipe for a body bag.

Or perhaps it’s all innocence and flowers, I dunno.


Fair point. Still, I’m not a fan of things that can implicitly encourage vigilante justice. But I’m biased in any event: I’m politically left. So, McCarthy isn’t exactly someone I’d consider a hero. Yet, I’m all for people making an honest, transparent dollar, so I dunno. Communism never thrilled me in any event, although Thomas Paine style egalitarianism does.


Sounds good. I’m independent, prefer 3rd party, usually end up having to vote democrat but I’ve occasionally voted republican as well. I’m more liberal than most liberals, which seems to confuse everybody. G’nite.



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