Could a fart in Florida make the Earth sing?

Followup to: If we dug a hole to China, would the Earth make a whistle as it spins?

I especially loved the imagery of the ribbed tube; I hadn’t thought of how the tube makes the sound before. Also, I think the speed changes and even the Doppler effect alone would cause even a small sound to become noticeable as it lowers or gets higher in perceived pitch.
In the case of the Earth, is the air pressure consistent as the Earth spins and rotates around the sun?

We have mountains and valleys, oceans and various currents all around the planet. They produce their own variances and vortexes and pressure increases and drops. Would they consistently be the same on both sides of the hole?

Also, does the air rotate around the earth at the same speed as the planet itself?

Also satellites; you have the GPS ones that are geosynchonous – presumably they would be stable and might produce consistent overtones or harmonics.. (how thick is what’s left of the atmosphere up there if any? Any drag? . but what of all of the other satellites?

Plus the activities of people – as in the butterfly in Africa, could a fart in Florida make the Earth sing?

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