Corporations – they’re behaving properly given the restraints they’re allotted.

I worked for Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals for a few years in the late years and early 2000s.

I didn’t just see the International Price Sheets, I worked with them (I was their excel guy for business and information services and had to mickey mouse data so it looked pretty for the higher ups and 4000+ sales reps around the USA in every district). I had a once a year report I had to do involving International sales and I had all the figures.

Anyway, I’ll say no more except this: Businesses are not non-profit organizations. They should not be expected to be. Their ethics come from whatever won’t bring up a lawsuit, which includes complying with government regulations and societal standards.

I don’t fault business for behaving this way. It’s how things are in a capitalist society and I don’t see it changing, so it’s silly to complain unless one really thinks they can put a nick into capitalism.

That being said, we *can* coerce the “powers that be” to change the rules governing restrictions to industry. Private lawsuits aren’t worth much for individuals but that’s another possibility. 

Public shame is another method. Much faster but its effectiveness is typically limited to a case-by-case basis.

But otherwise? All we can do is complain and go, “yeah they suck boo”. But really, they’re behaving properly given the restraints they’re allotted.

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