corn flakes and ketchup.

Publically, she’s still mad at me. [but she’s never afraid to express her displeasure at someone] but the founder of T aking Chi ldren Seriou sly does acknowledge my help in a veiled fashion, and her irritation with Deu sch. This is before he was “big news” and wrote his amazing books.

Although, as nice as her version of Unsch ooling is, she visited me from England back then, with her two girls. They demanded ketchup on their cereal, which confused my mother (I was like 20 at the time), and she hit on me, when I was only interested in her intellectually.

My mother referred to her kids as spoiled brats but that’s because she left them downstairs. Oh well. this was ’92 and anytime somebody visited your house from “The Internet” they wanted se  x. I left her disappointed because I wasn’t interested. She was pretty but her kids were running around downstairs – kinda left a bad taste for me about all her high-philosophy words but so be it.

But, she can talk a mean intellectual game, and she’s inspired thousands of parents. Still, the way she writes is very academic and way over my head.

I know this is only barely related but heck, the nut got cracked open on a few stories and this is one I never told.

So there it is.

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