(core me)”Apparent me”

I agree. I think that’s why I went into the elaboration of agreement; I don’t think I’ve ever accepted someone else’s value judgement of me and substituted their judgement of me for my own.

I may accept the words. I may accept the ‘g
ist’ or style or appearance; that is – “it may appear that you are correct about me from your point of view”.

And I can accept that their point of view may have validity, in their minds, that it is better to substitute my value judgement about myself for theirs.

Let’s say there’s:
(core me)”Apparent me”

They may decide the “apparent me” = (core me)

I will agree and substitute my self-image of my “Apparent me” for their image of my (core me).

But I will continue believing that my (core me) is my (core me).

Their agreement with my self-assessment of (core me) is irrelevant to me. In short, I don’t care. It’s just nice when there is a total match up.

But if their math is wrong, oh well.

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