Cool. Mirror Neurons are cool. Everybody

^Cool. Mirror Neurons are cool. Everybody has a "preferred channel" with which they can "read" other people's minds with; mirror neurons are necessary for mutual understanding on a very deep level.

You can be primarily a visual person. You can be primarily an auditory person. They're the most common. Of course most people are a combination of all of the "input streams".

But what if you were dealing with someone who can't see or hear?

Well, most people who are deaf or blind actually have *some* hearing and *some* seeing. It's often enough.

But what if it's not? Is a deafblind person doomed to be lost in a world of their own – unable to understand anybody but themselves?

Nope. There's also touch. The hands are particularly good because they're full of inputs as dense as what we have in our hearing and vision.

Mirror neurons can be easily activated by "hand-over" and "hand under" touching. Synchronize and gain mutual understanding and trust that way.

So, if you ever find yourself in a situation for whatever reason, that you want to communicate to a deafblind person, now you can.

Also, it explains why, in movies, caring is often symbolized by a teacher guiding a student's hand back when pulling a bow back, or it can be romantic like the scene in Ghost with the pottery and the clay. It says "We're in sync now". Mirror neurons. I learned more about it just now, and I'm sharing. I guess the Internet activates mine.^

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