Cool kids become losers science study? lol Reality Check

Interesting study and I want to believe it, although a little reality check:

a) They only followed people ’til they were 23 yrs old. Social competence is *very difficult* to achieve until your late 20s. Adolescence is _still_ going on at 23 and the brain typically hasn’t made that final ‘click’ around the age of 25 where you *really* start to see yourself from other people’s points of view… rather than an exaggerated sense, which begins at puberty and amplified by being mashed together with peers going through the same crud.

b) Honesty check? Nerds did the study.

c) Being a proud nerd myself, I want to believe this article. But, I can’t. It’s link-bait and I shared it. I’m sure the scientists were well-intentioned and *believe* they did everything right. By the book, they probably did.

Still, if it helps give ppl something to make them feel better about themselves with, then… why not?

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