Consilience. A wonderful ne

Consilience. A wonderful new word to me.It’s a convergence – the idea that evidence from independent, unrelated sources can converge to reach *strong conclusions* that might not be possible on their own.

A search for patterns.

And matching them.

Consilience. It’s huger than huge. It lies at the basis of the search for ultimate answers and is the basis of Science. It stems from ancient Greece: ”There is an intrinsic orderliness that governs the cosmos, inherently comprehensive by logical process…..”

It may be true. It may not be true. It is probably BOTH true and not true.

Is there an intrinsic orderliness?

Are all things comprehensible?

Is Logic the best way to go?

What may be good for many things, might not be good for all things. (Logic, for example, has flaws).

The very things that science refuses to address are those thing which defy order, ,comprehension, logic…

And yet.. those are the very things that millions of questions come from.

And yet, while I don’t believe Logic is higher than the Universe – or God – I cannot say specifically all of my beliefs just yet – but I have no problem with God… Logic is extremely useful for many things.

Is everything ordered? I hope there is a secret order to things that we as humanity are discovering and I hope to play a small part in

Is everything comprehensible? Eventually, perhaps. Perhaps not.

It could be an attempt to create a Tower of Babel that attempts to reach up to God.

Or it could be that we just haven’t found ”The Key” as a species just yet, and the right questions with the right procedures may lead to the right answers.

Do I know?

I know this: The one statement that starts all other questions: The basis for inquiry into all things:

I don’t know.

And the first request:

Can somebody please show me?

The somebody may be a person. It may be God. It may be a research article. It may be a Bible. It may be the ”conversations with the Cosmos” that scientists have when they ask questions of Nature using whatever processes are fashionable at the time .

But they all start out, I believe with these two things:

”I don’t know. Can somebody please show me?” –Ken

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