Conservationism is bipartisan but it’s been abandoned by the right politically. Fix that.

Conservationism is bipartisan but it’s been abandoned by the right politically. Fix that.

among the people on the right, conservatism is firm. I’m talking about the political leaders. The environmentalists are the only thing keeping any kind of conservation alive politically at the moment.

i’m generally on the left, but when it comes to conservationism versus environmentalism, I’m a fan of responsible conservationism a bit over environmentalism.

But if the people responsible for conservationism are looking to get money from the national parks by mining coal, then they’ve abandoned conservation principles and the conservationist will have to turn to the environmentalists for help until the right fixes itself if it ever can.


For conservatism, think Teddy Roosevelt and the National Park System. Park Rangers, tours, camping, hunting stuff.

For environmentalism, think preservation of the planet, wildlife biologists, rare plant/species protections.

The main difference is public access to the lands.


It’s a fascinating area. Conservationists say “The government is taking away public land”. The environmentalists say “Yes but you’re trampling over nature and destroying it”. And well, they’re both right. I’m actually fine as long as SOMEBODY is trying to take *some* care of the planet.


WHY DOES NOBODY PROOF-READ. [I grabbed this from an academic paper… COME ON professors… pay attention to your students here]…

Anyway, this is a decent explanation of the difference between conservation and preservation and exploitation.

The left tends towards preservation with some conservation.
The right USED TO tend towards conservation but now is moving towards exploitation.

But both tend to agree about conservation usually.








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