Complex phenomenon with suspected but not known for sure biological / physical origins.

Complex phenomenon with suspected but not known for sure biological / physical origins.

A few people were asking about going in reverse like this and so this is the attempt. [chatgpt4]

text form:
Complex Phenomena Suspected Biological/Physical Origins
Consciousness Neural Networks, Quantum Consciousness, Electromagnetic Theories
Dreams REM Sleep, Memory Consolidation, Neurotransmitter Fluctuations
Love Hormones, Social Conditioning, Evolutionary Instinct
Memory Synaptic Plasticity, Long-Term Potentiation, Neuronal Oscillations
Self-Awareness Mirror Neurons, Higher-Order Theories, Midline Structures
Emotions Limbic System, Neurotransmitters, Social Conditioning
Learning Hebbian Learning, Synaptic Plasticity, Reinforcement
Intelligence Brain Structure, Genetic Factors, Environmental Factors
Creativity Divergent Thinking, Brain Plasticity, Neurotransmitters
Perception Sensory Processing, Bayesian Inference, Multisensory Integration
Language Acquisition LAD (Language Acquisition Device), Social Interaction, Cognitive Development
Pain Nociceptors, Neurotransmitters, Brain Regions
Decision-Making Prefrontal Cortex, Dopamine, Cognitive Bias
Aging Telomeres, Oxidative Stress, Genetic Factors
Sleep Circadian Rhythm, Homeostatic Sleep Drive, Neurotransmitters
Altruism Evolutionary Strategy, Social Conditioning, Genetic Factors
Humor Social Conditioning, Cognitive Surprises, Brain Regions
Personality Genetic Factors, Environment, Brain Structure
Fear Amygdala, Hormones, Genetic Factors
Addiction Dopamine System, Genetic Predisposition, Environment

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