Complete set of lexical bundles from mathematics classrooms.

Complete set of lexical bundles from mathematics classrooms.
I want you to
What do you think
You don’t have to
If you want to
Does that make sense
Want you to do
You are going to
Is going to be
Find the area of
To be able to
You have to do
Do you want to
Are we going to
The area of the
We’re going to do
Going to have to
See if you can
I don’t know if
Are you going to
How do you know
What I want you
The end of the
What did you do
Am I going to
You to do is
Do we have to
The square root of
We are going to
You want to do
To be the same
At the end of
You need to do
Do we need to
A little bit of
It’s going to be
To make sure that
How did you get
Take a look at
The area of a
You come up with
We have to do
What do you have
A little bit more
Do you have a
We need to do
Are going to be
Do you have to
What would you do
And see if you
Is the same as
Do I need to
I’m not going to
So we’re going to
I was going to
I would like you
On the other side
One and a half
So I’m going to
To find the area
How many of you
Is that what you
What do we do
I don’t know what
What do you mean
Know how to do
To come up with
What did you get
What does that mean
You want me to
And I’m going to
In front of the
What’s great about lexical bundles (which I just learned about today) is you can even make complete statements using only lexical bundles.

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