compatible with Integral Pluralistic Realism:

compatible with Integral Pluralistic Realism:

Philosophical theories: Pragmatism, Phenomenology, Realism, Pluralism, Integral Theory, Process Philosophy, Existentialism, Objectivism

Religious traditions: Perennialism, Integral Spirituality, Transpersonal Spirituality, Universalism, Esotericism, Advaita Vedanta, Zen Buddhism

Fields of study: Psychology, Sociology, Ecology, Anthropology, Systems Theory, Philosophy of Science, Consciousness Studies, Integral Studies

Paradigms: Holistic Paradigm, Systems Thinking, Integral Paradigm, Transpersonal Paradigm, Postmodernism, Poststructuralism, Constructivism

Worldviews: Postmaterialism, Postconventional, Integral Worldview, Transpersonal Worldview, Cosmopolitanism, Ecocentrism

Beliefs and values: Ecological Sustainability, Human Rights, Social Justice, Interconnectedness, Diversity, Multiculturalism, Pluralism

Personality types: Openness, Tolerance, Empathy, Integrative Complexity, Authenticity, Cognitive Flexibility, Creativity

Domains: Education, Social and Environmental Activism, Science and Technology, Art and Aesthetics, Spirituality and Religion, Personal Growth and Development, Ethics and Morality.

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