comparison in their extremely privileged vanity.

“Laura Nelson (1911), Leo Frank (1915), Jesse Washington (1916), Emmett Till (1955), Michael Donald (1981) – they were lynched. NOT Trump, Bill Cosby, R. Kelly or Clarence Thomas. #Lynching
via Clay Cane on Twitter:
Context: All have said, 45 most recently today, that they were being lynched. No, they weren’t and aren’t. Not even remotely close in any way shape or form to a lynching. Or a witch hunt. Verbal drama, theatrics, exaggeration and downright wicked evil use of an unthinkably awful period of US history that STILL happens that none of them have ANY remote concern of actually happening to them? Yes. It’s safe from their ivory towers where they shall remain, peering through crystal windows saying they are somehow equivalent to being chained to a horse or car and dragged down the road to be hung in the middle of the night from a tree until dead, a violent, painful and unthinkably vicious torture that physically strips away all humanity to pains none, particularly they can possibly fathom enough to even consider using such a comparison in their extremely privileged vanity.
  compared his treatment to being lynched. Clarence Thomas and Bill Cosby also said that about their woes as did R. Kelly, none of whom experienced anything remotely close to such a thing.
It’s like finding no breakfast cereal in the cabinet and calling it “like being in Auschwitz..
  Jumping on wagons and being hung until dead in the middle of the night ripped apart from family and friends entirely alone at the complete and utter mercy of your murderers are not equivalent.

But as I said to Alan below, if you can’t see any difference, there’s not much I can do for you.


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