common sense – where did it come from

Justin A nearly stole my words out of my mouth.  I have some quibbles with this, but it’s good enough to save.

“Actually very well know where they came from and how they evolved- from the ancient world of Greece and Rome and preserved by Afro-Arabic civilization (the Muslim Moors) who reintroduced them into Europr via the Iberian a Peninsula in 711 wherein they spread in Southern Europe leading to the Renaissance and then the Enlightenment. And no they are not just “common sense” Common sense at one time was a Geocentric model of the Universe. Actual in order for the kind of fully scientific secular world view of modern Europe and the Western world to happen an entire and thoroughly radical shift in human civilization had to take place. The near nihilistic, mechanistic materialism of Logical Positivism didn’t just drop out of the sky for instance. The entire metaphysical perspective of the last few thousand years had to completely overturned in favor of empiricism. It amazes me of how much Atheist take their worldview for granted as the Christians do and both live within the delusion they are being objective and employing common sense.”

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