Commissioners vote down medical marijuana dispensaries

Shannon Livingston: “I’ve read a lot of comments on this. Some comments of my own:

Donna Fiala and Penny Taylor voted no. Stop attacking all five commissioners and blowing up their inboxes when you don’t even know who was on our side. Your blanket statements about our elected leaders make you sound like an idiot and prove you were not involved in the work but jumped right in to complain.

Donna and Penny voted how they felt they needed to for their own reasons. I don’t believe the no vote was about money or anything other than fear. They are afraid cannabis will hurt Collier. I do not agree with them but there’s no need to attribute malice or conspiracy where there isn’t any.

We won’t be “voting them out” of office. Donna is retiring in 2020 and Penny just won reelection – where were you when we were working on the campaign of Penny’s opponent?

A delivery point is not a dispensary. You can already have medicine delivered to various addresses – that does not equal professionalism, access to products and ongoing education. There are several “education centers” coming – they are not what we voted for or what our state constitution guarantees. They might be profitable for the proprietors but they don’t give patients what they deserve. The promise of these delivery sites actually worked against us with Donna and the vote. She was told the problem was solved and she believed it.

Thank you to everyone that did the work and showed up to be heard. Thank you to Commissioners McDaniel, Solis and Saunders for standing by your oath and your citizens.”
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