Comfort Foods Compared: Interesting of Note:

^Comfort Foods Compared: Interesting of Note: Anorexic Comfort Food is primarily starchy air (energy), or mildly acidic, like vinegar or citrus or cucumber (cleanser) , with most protein coming from yogurt, tuna, soy or cottage cheese (muscle) and high salt ("electrolytes"), with the fats coming from Pam (soybean and lechithin/choline – fat/water mixer) and olive oil, or whatever is stuck to the chips.

American Comfort foods are oil soaked starches and oily meats and cheeses. (hamburger, grilled cheese), with the chocolate chip cookie as being the ultimate oil soaked starch+sugar. Salt is also throughout. But the biggest differences:

Air vs Dense
Cleansers (vinegar/fermented foods/fruits) vs Thickeners (think corn starch/flour)
Unsaturated fats or medium chain saturated (cheeses) versus long chain saturated fats (animal fats) and transfats (nom nom cookies)

Hope this proves interesting/helpful to someone out there.^

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