*Comfort Foods Compared*: I

*Comfort Foods Compared*: Interesting of Note: #Anorexic Comfort #Food is primarily starchy air (energy), or mildly acidic, like vinegar or citrus or cucumber (cleanser) , with most protein coming from yogurt, tuna, soy or cottage cheese (muscle) and high salt (”electrolytes”), with the fats coming from Pam (soybean and lechithin/choline – fat/water mixer) and olive oil, or whatever is stuck to the chips.

#American Comfort foods are oil soaked starches and oily meats and cheeses. (hamburger, grilled cheese), with the chocolate chip cookie as being the ultimate oil soaked starch+sugar. Salt is also throughout. But the biggest differences:

Air vs Dense_fat_soaked

Cleansers (vinegar/fermented foods/fruits) vs Thickeners (think corn starch/flour)

Unsaturated fats or medium chain saturated (cheeses) versus long chain saturated fats (animal fats) and transfats (nom nom cookies)

Hope this proves interesting/helpful to someone out there.

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