coathanger bookholder

I remember those!  When I was very small, I was diagnosed
with cerebral palsy, and went to Cerebral Palsy Center, Union NJ
from about 1 yr old to 5 yrs old, at which point, I was able
to go to regular school.

Memories are fuzzy of that time period - but I do remember
the big books the older kids had (the ones with severe
CP or other handicaps)- they were huge!  The books were huge,
the print was huge, and in some of them, the pages were also

[this was in the 1970's].

One of the best "finds" for textbooks (or in my case, huge russian
dictionaries and a big cardboard-covered standard glossy 2 inch
thick textbook), is this: A bookholder.

You can make one with a coathanger (I have plans for that somwhere),
but if you have access to an "OfficeMax" in the USA, I know for certain that
they carry this item.  It cost a little over $3.00, and holds a giant
book open, with little rubber-coated metal 'fingers' that stick up and
hold the pages open.  The pages are not hard to turn either.

This was a find for me, because I'm always breaking the binding of
books, trying to hold it in one hand, or two hands, or flat
on a table.  Sometimes I get frustrated enough to tear the pages
out a chapter at a time.  [I already do this with inexpensive paperbacks,
and toss out each chapter when it's done - a clutter removing tip!]

It probably already exists - but I'm still waiting for the day
of good electronic books.  Just a tablet that could take a diskette or
cdrom, (standard mac and pc would be nice), could read all sorts of
file formats - and had only a few big buttons -- turn page left,
turn page right, front of book, back of book.  Nothing more.

I love reading books, and when they're bulky, they're my nemesis!
Of course, I could be fundamentally lazy, which is probably at
the base of all of my complaints, both for myself, and for lazy ppl
everywhere :)


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