Classic Who – Arachnic

American here. Doctor Who since 6.5 now 46. No novels or audiobooks, just TV.

Classic Who to a T.

Campy politician characature spot on for Doctor Who. The mocking faces he makes when being shut down by the Doctor is hysterical — reminded me of Robert DeNiro (old man DeNiro) with bits of Trumpisms.

Moved quickly, nothing slow about it except maybe the toxic waste zone. Preaching was fine — not the first or last time the Doctor made a speech about the environment or coal miner’s rights… I mean women’s rights… I mean LGBT rights… I mean little-person-matters-vs-big-corporate-politician-sociopath-American-type.

It’s classic Who. Not much Moffat in here although fun to see the almost “oh-god-do-i-have-to-use-this-plot-device” body language by the Doctor with psychic paper.

Loved the use of Grime specifically. Hand-on-hand-together at the end a nice United-Colors-of-Bennetton moment that I hope is the hallmark.

Drawbacks: Honestly, there’s nothing I could complain about that couldn’t ALSO be applied to many other Doctor Who episodes. [no unique complaints to be found]

The SHUT UP WE ARE ALL JUST FRIENDS is a clear message to _stop shipping already_ while knowing they will anyway but that the writer is NOT going to play into that for fanservice.

Glad to see antagonist established that we’ll see again. Topical, yet distinct enough to not be carbon copy of Trump.

Had a minor complaint. Vortex too short. Also, the “starve to death on six months of food is humane because they’ll probably grow big and suffocate anyway” is like feeding prisons all the pasta they want until they choke on their own spaghetti isn’t a bad way to die considering.

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