Chris Rock = George Carlin – Tyson = Sagan – today is in pretty good hands overall I think.

He was one of my major influencers as a kid – I’m sure he influenced my interest it it tremendously.

My guy-figures growing up:
George Carlin, Carl Sagan, Joseph Campbell and likely a few others. But these guys were stand-outs for me.

Today’s kids have Chris Rock, Neil Degrasse Tyson and… well, I don’t know their equivalent to Joseph Campbell, so they’re in pretty good hands. Chris is definitely of the George Carlin ethos and Tyson Sagan… although sometimes i want Tyson to brush up on history a bit. Ok, a lot.

Then again, in retrospect, Sagan wasn’t that great on history either. *sigh* is-what-it-is.

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