Chomsky. Practical, Useful and mostly right, albeit not entirely.

I like Chomsky the man.
I like Chomsky the influencer.
I like Chomsky for his analytical breakdown of language and grammar, which has proven to be very useful in linguistic analysis.


I believe _some_ of his base assumptions are wrong.
The little I saw of Foucault and the lots I read about George Lakoff vs Chomsky tells me that they have the “missing piece” that Chomsky doesn’t see.

it is similar to my relationship with Carl Sagan. I adore the man and his ideas and his ways and influence he had over me and others. Yet, I also see a few of the base assumptions I disagree with. But it doesn’t take away from my overall admiration and appreciation for the “mostly correctness” of what they said, while also recognizing things that I disagree with or think they are incorrect about.

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