China does excellent in the sciences. They are very rational

China does excellent in the sciences. They are very rational – moreso than us in the West, who tend to be far more emotional.

They also know how to put on a show though, so their scientific press releases, much like ours, have to be taken with a bit of skepticism at first. But overall, they’re very good at sciencing.’


I never read that (despite many recommendations) but I *did* read what is _apparently_ a similar book. At least the cover had a sticker on it where it said, “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance but for Tennis!”. I got it at a garage sale when I was 12 and even though I didn’t play Tennis, I liked the Zen lessons it had.…/dp/0679778314

My favorite was “how to hold a tennis ball”, and how they related that to your approach to attachment.


wait no. The waiting was necessary for me. I only tackled Philosophy in a strong way about two/three years ago, although I’d already had strong opinions similar to these about Aristotle (being the blessing/curse upon Western Civ)… but I’m able to appreciate this text in a way I don’t think I would’ve years ago.


His construction of Phaedrus reminds me SO MUCH of Jorge Luis Borges, (the Aleph, garden of forking paths) — my Spanish teacher was a fan and made us read him in Spanish IV. He had a way where you couldn’t tell real history from constructed history to the point where you questioned whether you might have some missing piece of key knowledge of the world that you should’ve had all along but don’t yet because the only source is what’s in front of you, you listen with a keen ear to what the storyteller has to say…





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