China and America and the University

You might be surprised, but in general, I’m a fan of China and its ways ways, precisely for the stability it provides for its people. I am impressed by its manufacturing, by its education system and its culture.

It *does* have a bit of issue dealing properly with those who don’t fit, but they seem to capture much.

I believe I could live there and have done fine. I enjoy the anarchy of the West to some degree but a controlled existence, wouldn’t be the worst thing… especially if, from the start, I was trained to consider myself as familial/social and not as an individual with separate rational thought processes.

But it’s hard to say from the outside looking in and it’s easier for the grass to be greener on the otherside as it were, so I honestly don’t know.

Still, the capitalist barriers to education are daunting. I come from a single mother background. I managed to get in the school of my choice – Hampshire College – at the time, one of the most expensive colleges in the USA – through hard work, excellent testing stores and a hodge-podge of grants and scholarships and awards.

But, after a year and a half, couldn’t afford it anymore. The grants system was such that, at the time, having a house counted against her. A few years later, they changed that. Too late for me.

So, I hold a little bit of a sore spot for the University system as it works in the USA. My multiple PhD’s will always have to remain imaginary ones as it were. Such is existence.

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