Chimera. Straddles the line between reality and fantasy, simplicity, complexity, all depending on the context its used in. Marvelous!

#chimera   My word of the day.  I love the rare words like these that straddle the line between reality and fantasy, simplicity and complexity so well, all depending on the context they’re used in.chimeragraphI had a suddenly realization; pretty neat, too. [I’m sure it’s not new of course but new for me]:

2000+ years from now, whatever fragments of literature and popular culture may remain available for archeologists to discover, all of this precision over language may end up becoming meaningless, as “what words mean” will likely be jumbled together and they will have to piece together our present as their past and will likely come up with some extraordinary ideas.

I looked at the multiple contexts of the word Chimera:

It is one of the first “debunked” mythological creatures on record in a modern sense.

Today’s general meaning tends to make it synonymous with illusions, fantasies, wishful thinking.

YET, in biology, a chimera is a very real creature; a combination of hybrid parts, either plant or animal.

All chimera.

How will 2000 years hence view the chimera? Food for thought. They may determine that the ancient myths were correct, and it took 2000+ years to discover the first chimera.


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