children’s right list ad (pre y-rights) to teachers bitnet list

Hello.  My name is Kenneth Udut, and I will be starting up a mailing that will
be regarding Children’s Rights and Teenager’s Rights, as well as general topics
that somehow involve minors.

I am sending this to you, for you are either a teacher, or have some interest
in the field of education.

I will go the normal route in starting up a list (which won’t be a listserv,
unfortunately), with all the advertisments in the right places.  But before
I did that, I wanted to get in touch with those that would be sure to have
an interest in children and youth beyond a patronizing pat-on-the-head and
“we should see you, but not hear you”…plus other dehumanizing behaviour.

Thank You.  Please reply to this messge if you are at all interested in such
a list.  The reply will only go to me.  The list address will be available
in a few days.

I do hope to hear from you.

–Kenneth Udut

From:   HAMP::KUDUT        “Children’s Rights List Co-Ordinator”
Date:   7-SEP-1991 12:14:34.67
Subj:    Interest in List

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