Checking predictions against results: When did UUCP finally go away?

May 18, 1994:
“I’m not too sure about POP and NNTP, but here’s a rule I follow about the net:

Believe nobody that says, “The sky is falling.” UUCP isn’t about to die. The funny thing about people that say something is going to be no more, are always EVENTUALLY right, since everything comes to a close or a drastic changeover.

But UUCP? Nah. It’s too easy and cheap of a medium to vanish anytime soon. That’s like the people who say that MS=DOS is dead or that nobody uses 8088’s or 286’s anymore.

It’s just very wrong opinions, posted as if they were facts :)

Feb 3, 2016 update:

Checking predictions against results: I was consoling someone who was afraid the UUCP method of transferring information on the ‘net was going away back in 1994:

Let’s see when it finally went away:

“The UUCP Mapping Project was formally shut down late in 2000.” and July 2012 is when the final UUCP provider XS4ALL stopped the service for their remaining 13 users.

So, the mapping project continued ’til late 2000, and dwindled after that.

My friend was EVENTUALLY right, but I’m sure the project he was working on was long finished by then.

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