ChatGPT 4o? Nice job!

ChatGPT 4o? Nice job!
I asked for “all Spanish tenses”. Then after some hit or miss, I decided upon asking it for a .dot format to show the relationships -and this is what I got. It seems to be a really nice illustration.
For reference: the 20 tenses it gave:
### Timeline of Spanish Verb Tenses

**Indicative Mood:**

1. **Present (Presente):** Now
2. **Preterite (Pretérito Indefinido):** Specific past events
3. **Imperfect (Pretérito Imperfecto):** Habitual past actions or states
4. **Future (Futuro Simple):** Future events
5. **Conditional (Condicional Simple):** Hypothetical present/future actions
6. **Present Perfect (Pretérito Perfecto):** Past actions affecting the present
7. **Past Perfect (Pretérito Pluscuamperfecto):** Actions completed before another past action
8. **Future Perfect (Futuro Compuesto):** Actions completed before a future moment
9. **Conditional Perfect (Condicional Compuesto):** Hypothetical past actions

**Subjunctive Mood:**

10. **Present Subjunctive (Presente del Subjuntivo):** Present hypothetical/subjective actions
11. **Imperfect Subjunctive (Pretérito Imperfecto del Subjuntivo):** Past hypothetical/subjective actions
12. **Future Subjunctive (Futuro Simple del Subjuntivo):** Rarely used, future hypothetical actions
13. **Present Perfect Subjunctive (Pretérito Perfecto del Subjuntivo):** Past actions related to present hypothetical scenarios
14. **Past Perfect Subjunctive (Pretérito Pluscuamperfecto del Subjuntivo):** Past actions before another past hypothetical action
15. **Future Perfect Subjunctive (Futuro Compuesto del Subjuntivo):** Rarely used, actions completed before a future hypothetical event

**Imperative Mood:**

16. **Affirmative Imperative (Imperativo Afirmativo):** Commands/instructions
17. **Negative Imperative (Imperativo Negativo):** Prohibitions/instructions not to do something

**Non-Finite Forms:**

18. **Infinitive (Infinitivo):** Basic form of the verb
19. **Gerund (Gerundio):** Ongoing actions (e.g., “-ing” form in English)
20. **Past Participle (Participio Pasado):** Completed actions, used in perfect tenses

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