Chart of Christendom. Pretty accurate.

I like the image on the link you provided: I’ll show the one I’d been using for a while – it’s comparable.1694px-Christianity_Branches.svg


This is the chart I’ve been using for a while to show the denominations. It’s not perfect but it shows the ‘gist’ of how I see the history of Christendom.


I’ve seen (but don’t have) even more extensive charts which show the outcropping of Humanism, Atheism, Rationalism, Western Philosophical influences, all branching off of and intersecting with the Christian timeline. Fascinating when you start making the connections.


While I haven’t studied them in a long time, I always found the history of Christianity to be fascinating.

At one point, it almost led me to become Catholic but then, Eastern Orthodoxy. Was that for like 5-6 years. Technically I still am, just not practicing for like 16 yrs now.

It all started one day when I was cleaning the church (United Methodist) as a teenager (I was the custodian there – good after school job – I was lucky) – and I looked around the sanctuary, the beautiful stained glass, and thought, “This place needs more candles”.




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