charging for teaching foreign languages is expensive

Well, in capitalist countries, it is, "What the market will bear".  So,
if your students are able to afford your prices, then by all means.

Personally, I would love a Russian tutor, but the ones I've looked
at so far are more expensive than I can pay.  So, I just try
to learn on my own.  In one that I looked at, it would be
cheaper (literally) to stay in St Petersburg for six months,
including airfare, etc - than it would be to receive tutoring
from her.

But I'm not part of her target market, I s'pose.

[off soapbox :) ]

Still, I was lucky enough (or perhaps Sts Cyril and Methidius were
praying for me) to get contacted by a University professor who
was willing to hold his Intensive Russ I and II courses,
even if there was only two students, plus me as an 'audit'.
So, at $250 for a semester's worth of work crammed into
four weeks, plus another semesters worth of work
crammed into a second four weeks, I was able to
be 'up to snuff' with students who labored over their
first two semesters of Russian, all for $500 (plus cost
of books of course :) ).  Of course, every situation can't
be like that, but flexibility is a good quality, not a negative one.

[now off soapbox :> ]

But then again, what do I know?   :)  Hope my rant isn't taken
too seriously.  It's just a soapbox rant.

           Kenneth Udut

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