char arc?

char arc?
1. Born in 1972. Raised in New Jersey, single mother and grandmother. Have sister two years older, brother 12 years older. Suburban neighborhood. Safe. Being raised by a single mother in the 1980s was tricky because of prejudice against single mothers and I would sometimes defend children of single parents because I was one, against adults who carelessly complained about single parent families around children like me.
2. Cerebral palsy center from 2-4 years old because born preterm at 28 weeks. Did not have cerebral palsy but half deaf, half blind. Entered public school. Got a full scholarship to private school from 9-12 writing essays to get in. Graduated with 12 kids. Went to college of choice – Hampshire College, amherst ma. wanted to major in theoretical physics but since it wasn’t available, went with childhood development. Favorite class was on children’s play. Did not finish due to lack of funds and did not get a degree.
3. learning about all the subjects you see in the entire chat here from the beginning of it.
4. Some of them are listed in that to start with.
5. need your help ascertaining goals and motivations.

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