Chapter C of Carnap (1958)…..

darn this internet + my curiosity. I wondered if there was something like an “algebra of relationships” [all the ways one thing can relate to another]. and indeed there is: “Relational Algebra”.
So, I looked at the Wikipedia. I saw the familiar terms that I never cared much for and then I see this…
“The most complete set of results of this nature is Chapter C of Carnap (1958)….[didn’t] formulate [his] results using the RA [Relational Algebra] of this entry, or in an equational manner.”
Wait! That’s what I want. Talk about it NOT in an equation way… and different from the same-old way I keep seeing it which I never cared for.
But what was this mysterious “Chapter C of Carnap (1958)”?
So after a little searching, I find Rudolf Carnap (1958) Introduction to Symbolic Logic and its Applications. [I didn’t look at the References at the bottom or I would’ve found it; instead I went the long way ’round].
So, this should be interesting.
oh its worse than i thought… but his clear explanation of basic logic terms (especially the bits where “most philosophy / logic students and teachers get it wrong”, cleared up a few things at least. Hopefully I get a few more things out of my skim but that was valuable at least.

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