chaos and complexity solved by Ken.

chaos and complexity solved by Ken. 8/19/13

It takes a certain amount of energy to break free of the entanglement of acceleration. The answer is to cool down below absolute zero Kelvin. Temperature = acceleration. Just like Gravity = Acceleration. The thing that combines all of the forces… the Elephant in the room they're not looking at… is acceleration #higgs #higgsboson #hadroncollider #science

and somebody way smarter than me can figure out the math and make the gravity fields and accelerometers and magnetic fields and electrical fields. I have virtual ones of those in my head – I don't need the equipment to prove it. So do you xD

But they won't listen They'll keep looking for mysterious particles to fill in the Standard Model with. They're really wasting their time. Will they find little accelerating balls of "something" whose motions loop through the loops of other accelerating balls of "something"? Yes. And let's just keep them busy like that. It's how we get awesome huge accelerating things like the Large hadron Collidor to get built.

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