cautious optimism – trust ppl as far as you feel they can be trusted at the time but give them room to grow too.

Yeah. Well, I believe many laws are set up as “innocent until proven guilty” *because* most _people_ seems to behave as “guilty until proven innocent” – and the legal system attempts to provide a counter-balance to the way that many people seem to think.

I don’t think there’s a right here.. that’s the hard part. It’s about approach. I try to see both at the same time; one eye open. I suspect you do too, really. You listen, willing to accept while also keeping a skeptical eye open at the same time. I try to suspend judgement for the longest time possible while also being sure not to get into any business dealings with people unless I trust them or if I must… and I try to extend my trust to people as far as I feel they can be trusted.

So, I’d say cautious optimism tends to be my way. Better? Worse? I dunno. It seems to fit my nature. nature/nature? eh, well, both. I can trace enough of it back to comedians and entertainers that I liked along with other things from my childhood.

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