Cause: These were defined as such.Effect: Such is how they were defined.

Is a lemon sour because it is a lemon or is it a lemon because it is sour? Is a blade sharp because it cuts or does it cut because it is sharp?

Things that are sharp, cut.
Things that are sharp do not cut all things.
Things that are cut are sometimes cut by sharp things.
Things that are cut are not always cut by sharp things.

A lemon is acidic.
A lemon is yellow.
A lemon is defined as such along with other definitions additionally.

Acidic things are typically perceived as “sour” tasting.

Not all lemons taste sour to all people.

So what is being defined here?

The ideal of a lemon.
The ideal of sour.
The ideal of blade.
The ideal of sharp.

So what is the action?

For the blade and for sharp?

For the lemon and the sour?

There’s no cause and effect that I can see between the lemon and the sour or the sour and the lemon or the blade and the sharp or the sharp and the blade except for one cause and effect.

Cause: These were defined as such.
Effect: Such is how they were defined.

So, we can go in circles infinitely without resolution.

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